TRUFIN® - Fintubes

TRUFIN® - Fintubes
TRUFIN® - Fintubes

Benefit from our expertise in the production of efficient finned tubes. We offer you a wide portfolio of finned tubes - as standard variants and customized solutions, tailored exactly to your needs. Schmöle is the only manufacturer worldwide capable of producing finned tubes up to 42 meters in length from a single piece. Sophisticated material combinations, such as copper fins on titanium tube, ensure reduced use of high-grade materials.

Benefits of the Trufin® technology

Our Trufin® finned tubes are manufactured by a special rolling process from seamless copper tubes or many other materials such as stainless steel or titanium.

Benefits of Trufin® Products

  • Low pressure drop in the pipe
  • Favorable circulation of the storage water
  • Optimal use of the entire storage volume for heat absorption
  • Due to the compact design, the finned tube heating coils are accommodated in the lowest area of the hot water tank

Applications for Trufin® tubes

The manufactured Trufin® finned tubes are used in many industries. They are suitable for cooling and heating of liquids and gases as well as for condensation and evaporation of refrigerants.

Many years of experience in the use of Trufin finned tubes have shown that their use significantly improves the price/performance ratio of heat exchangers.

The list below shows typical areas of application:

  • Condensation and evaporation
  • Oil cooling
  • Flue gas heating
  • Water heating
  • Compressed air cooling
  • Outer tube for safety tubes
  • Gas cooling
  • Gas heating
Trufin Rippenrohre
Trufin Rippenrohre
Trufin MSR-Tube
Trufin MSR-Tube

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