Heat exchanger

With Schmöle heat exchangers, you can optimize your equipment and machines with regard to: Cost-effectiveness - Dimensions/weight Service life and availability
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger

160 years of experience, modern manufacturing methods and an extensive product range of low, medium and high finned tubes make Schmöle a leading supplier of heat exchangers.

Benefits von Schmöle Wärmetauchern

  • 100% flexibility
    Material freely selectable
  • High corrosion resistance with aggressive media
    due to flexible use of different materials and finishes
  • Simple shaping of the finned tubes
    due to optimal bendability and helixability of the finned tubes
  • Compact design of the heat exchangers
    due to large heat exchange surfaces of the finned tubes
  • Low weight of the heat exchangers
    due to reduction of the required tube rows


Schmöle offers solutions for the following industries, among others:

  • Plant and apparatus engineering
  • Heating technology
  • Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automotive

Schmöle offers you a product portfolio ranging from completely assembled small heat exchangers and safety heat exchangers with double tubes to tube sets for large-scale apparatus engineering such as U-tube apparatus and heating surfaces. The application determines not only the design, coil, tube bundle or coaxial heat exchangers, but also the materials and material combinations used.


With its technical equipment and know-how, Schmöle is able to process all metallic materials. In addition to aluminum, copper and copper alloys, Schmöle also manufactures heat exchangers from corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steels, nickel-based alloys and titanium.


Thanks to its modern production facilities and its experienced and motivated employees, Schmöle is able to cover orders ranging from small batches to large-scale projects and special designs.

  • laser welding
  • rolling
  • soldering
  • Laserfin®
  • Trufin®
  • Corrofin®
Laserfin Rippenrohre Laserverschweißung
Laserfin Rippenrohre Laserverschweißung
Laserfin Rippenrohre
Laserfin Rippenrohre
Laserfin Rippenrohr Edelstahl Kupfer
Laserfin Rippenrohr Edelstahl Kupfer
Laserfin Rippenrohr Edelstahl Edelstahl
Laserfin Rippenrohr Edelstahl Edelstahl

Development and special constructions

Constantly increasing demands on performance, service life, availability, installation space and economy require permanent further development. In addition to a range of continuously developed standard products, Schmöle offers the possibility to develop and manufacture heat exchangers according to customer requirements and specifications.

The production of heat exchangers requires not only special production knowledge, but also a deep understanding of heat transfer between fluids. In Schmöle heat exchangers, heat is transferred from one fluid to another by convection and conduction. While heat conduction is determined by the selection of the appropriate tube material for the application, the know-how lies in the optimization of convection.

Here, Schmöle relies on its large portfolio of low to high finned tubes with 100% connection between finned base and tube to ensure, in addition to optimized convection, maximum thermal conductivity in the finned tube.

Standard program heat exchanger

Standard program heat exchanger
Standard program heat exchanger

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