Wall heating solutions

Drywall solution

  • Ideal for wooden frame construction, prefabricated house construction and attic conversion
  • Large-area low-temperature system, therefore extremely energy-saving
  • Heating/cooling and finished wall in one
  • Fast heating/cooling of the gypsum fiber boards through optimal connection with the hot water register system
  • Mounted quickly without dirt
  • Pipe register specially developed for the climate wall
  • Wall heating becomes wall cooling through cold water circulation

Plastered climate wall solution

  • Is operated with the lowest possible heating water temperature
  • Low-cost, large-scale, low-temperature system that utilizes wall storage capability and is extremely energy efficient
  • Pipe register system specially developed for the plastered climate wall
  • The climate wall offers the best possible networking of components (wall building material, heating pipe, plaster)
  • The complete climate wall system offers maximum efficiency
  • Good value for money

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