Finned tube heat exchanger

With Schmöle finned tube heat exchangers, you can optimize your equipment and machines with regard to: Cost-effectiveness - Dimensions/weight Service life and availability
Finned tube heat exchanger
Finned tube heat exchanger

160 years of experience, modern manufacturing methods and an extensive product range of low, medium and high finned tubes make Schmöle a leading supplier of fintube heat exchangers.

Finned tube heat exchanger

Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Stability meets flexibility. This is probably the best way to describe the characteristics of our finned tube heat exchanger family. The durability of the finned tube heat exchangers is a result of our high quality awareness, which runs through the entire production process, from the selection of suppliers and their materials, through our in-house quality controls, to the quality of the respective production process.

Flexibility in this context means two things to us: First and foremost, being able to respond to individual customer needs. In addition to our standard series of finned tube heat exchangers, we also offer a wide range of adaptation options. From different materials and material combinations to connection variations for most product series to completely individual production including a completely new finned tube heat exchanger design.

Depending on the requirements, mostly resulting from the application, from the customer's request or from our consulting, we can process the following materials for our finned tube coils and finned tube heat exchangers:

  • Copper
  • Copper/Nickel
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel

Benefits of Schmöle fintube heat exchangers

Laserfin® Fintube Coil

  • 100% welding without filler metal between fin and tube.
  • No risk of crevice corrosion between fin and tube = Long service life and highest reliability of the fintube coil heat exchanger
  • Optimum heat transfer, very powerful and compact fintube coil heat exchanger
  • Very small heat-affected zone due to laser welding = tube properties and tube structure are not changed, ASME requirements for pressure equipment are met.
  • High finned tube strength when bending and coiling the finned tubes = Optimal shaping of the heat exchanger possible
  • No tube flattening in the bending and coiling area, as the fin acts like a corsage for the tube = Very compact design of the heat exchanger possible
  • Very thin finning possible = Material and weight savings on the heat exchanger possible
  • Various material combinations of fin and tube possible = Optimal design of the heat exchanger for aggressive media possible
  • Laser welding under protective atmosphere = Only very slight tarnishing in the area of the weld seam and no surface treatment of the heat exchanger required
  • Flexible areas of laser welding possible, any unfinished areas on the finned tube possible = Flexible and simple accommodation of the finned tube in the heat exchanger
  • Compact design of the fintube coil heat exchanger
  • allows powerful BW finned tube coils to be accommodated in the lowest area of the hot water tank.
  • Low weight of the heat exchangers

Trufin® Fintube Coil

  • Good thermal conductivity, as the fins are rolled directly out of the tube wall
  • High heat transfer due to optimized conical fin shape
  • Good bendability due to stabilizing effect of the fins
  • Good end connection possibilities due to large wall thicknesses of the tube ends
  • Suitable for rolling, as the unfinished tubes are soft
  • W/HT (Turbo-Chil®) = High-performance design due to additional inner ribs, which increase the flow turbulence of the inner flowing medium and thus significantly improve performance.
  • Outstanding bending properties of Trufin® based finned tubes allow the production of many special geometric shapes of heat exchangers, optimally tailored to the respective application, available at economical batch sizes.
  • High heat output due to high-performance Trufin® W/H finned tubes made of copper
  • Low pressure drop on the inside of the tube
  • Compact design allows powerful BW finned tube heating coils to be accommodated in the lowest area of the hot water tank
  • Optimal use of the entire storage tank volume for heat absorption
  • Galvanized outer surface to protect downstream galvanized steel pipes
  • On request with electrically insulated connection fittings to protect enameled or plastic-coated hot water spokes

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