Finned Tubes

Finned Tubes
Finned Tubes

Benefit from our competence in the production of efficient heat exchangers for hot water storage tanks. We offer you a broad portfolio of heat exchangers – as a standard variant and customer-specific solution, tailored exactly to your needs. Schmöle is the only manufacturer in the world able to manufacture copper Fintubes up to 20 meters long from a single piece. Schmöle is the manufacturer, especially when using copper pipes in drinking water, which must not have any solder joints. Well thought-out material combinations, such as copper fins on titanium tubes, reduce the use of high-quality materials.


  • Compact design
    Finned tube heating coils can be accommodated in the
    lowest area of the hot water tank
  • Optimal use of the entire storage volume
    for heat absorption
  • Favorable circulation                                                                                                    of the storage water
  • Low pressure loss 
    in the tube

Types of Finned Tubes


Laserfin® (laser welding process):

Spiral winding of the tubes with strips made of standard and special stainless steels including gap-free 100% welding of the fin to the tube wall without additional filler material.

Trufin® (rolling process): 

Production of the finned tubes by a rolling process from seamless copper tubes including soldering of the connection points and galvanic tinning on the outside.

Corrofin® (Soldering process):

Soldering of strip and tube

Fields of application

Schmöle Fintubes are ideal for heat transfer between two media with different heat transport properties. Examples of media with different heat transport properties, especially with heat transfer from fluids to pipe walls:

High α – value
Flowing liquids
Wet steam
Low α – value
Low density gases
Quiescent liquids

With Schmöle high-performance finned tubes you optimize your heat exchangers with regard to:

➔ heat transfer
➔ Dimension / weight
➔ economy

It is our aim to offer a pipe that is optimal for the respective application, in the interaction of heat transfer media, materials and manufacturing processes. Schmöle also offers a wide range of double safety tubes for increased safety requirements.


The 100% connection between the tube and the fin is what distinguishes the high quality of Schmöle Fintubes. That is why Schmöle only uses processes that ensure a metallic connection between the tube and the fin and thus ensure maximum heat conduction.

Finning processes:
➔ Laser welding – laser fin
➔ Rolling – Trufin
➔ Soldering – Corrofin

Schmöle is the inventor of the laser-welded finned tube and technology leader in this segment. Continuous further development ensures the usual Schmöle quality, even under demanding boundary conditions.


With its technical equipment and know-how, Schmöle is able to process all metallic materials. In addition to aluminum, copper and copper alloys, Schmöle also produces Fintubes from corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, nickel-based alloys and titanium. With Laserfin® and Corrofin® tubes there is also the possibility to choose different materials for tubes and strips. Here, unusual material combinations such as copper on titanium can be realized.

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